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Who says vegans can’t do comfort food? These potatoes are the ultimate healthy comfort food for summer. Despite the sun going in this week and the piles of revision notes slowly growing I seem to be able to find time to cook *procrastinate* every day. For me cooking is a wind down at the end of the day, it helps me relax and destress because I can move around the kitchen chucking ingredients in a blender/pan/bowl without thinking. When you’re making simple dishes, comfort food like these potatoes, cooking can be meditative in a way that creating a soufflé can’t. That’s why I choose simple meals during revision over anything fancy, this recipe is failsafe, it can’t go wrong, it’s designed to look messy and thrown together and yet it tastes incredible.


450g of new potatoes

a handful of fresh thyme sprigs, leaves taken off

a tsp of seasalt


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